Follow the Rabbit by the Mill ..

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Pretty awesome looking Rabbit created by The Mill …

Houdini 16 Masterclass | Hair & Fur

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SideFX created a new Masterclass on Hair and Fur for the newly released Houdini 16 ….  

Oculus Story Studio // Houdini Connect.

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Oculus Studio showing how Houdini is being used.. 

SideFX GDC 2017 booth presentation: Volume to mesh workflows used in Battlefield.

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Andreas Glad’s GDC 2017 presentation from the SideFX booth… 

GDC2017 Technical Artist Bootcamp: Building an Offline Simulation Pipeline…

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Ben Laidlaw’s talk from GDC 2017 on pipeline building using Houdini..

New SideFX Houdini Games and VR Reel 2017.

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New SideFX  Houdini Games and VR customer reel 2017. In time for GDC.

Houdini 16 Amarok new features video from Sidefx ..

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     This release of Houdini has a lot of improvements and totally rewrites tools and some great new additions ..