Visually nice spot “The Piccards ” from Framestore for client Hennessy ..

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Framestore doing another visually rich spot for client Hennessy Cogñac …. 

Floex – Time to Go directed by Karim Kassem

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        A Hawaiian couple’s love gets lost in time after their photographs are taken. This was a music video I had the please of working with these guys on .. This is the First time Karim has directed a music video that came out visually nicely …

         I was the VFX Sup on set for this as well as CGI modeler and lighting guy with the help of Tito Ferradans matching moving and rendering as well as Compositing two shots for this video… .

Credits : 

Director: Karim Kassem

Producers: Changing Film Productions (Johan Matton & Linnea Larsdotter Mikkelä)

DP: Dominick Sivilli

Louis Solywoda

Alana Beale

Katya Zvereva

Trevor Van Uden

1st AD: Benjamin Murray
Editor: Miles Trahan
Production Designer: D’Vaughn Agu 
1st AC: Alexey Kosorukov
2nd AC: Yuya Kudo

Camera PA: Martin Yee

HMU: Valentina Gomez
Gaffer: Tony Sur
Grip: Tim Ciavara

PA: Ben Schorr
Still Photographer Sima Ajlyakin
Colorist Belal Hibri @ Lucid
CGI George Jimenez 

Compositing Tito Ferradans

Duel short film directed by Tim Rudder.

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This awesome short film was done by 46 artists from 16 countries collaborated through the Artella platform to make DUEL as show opening short film for the 2016 CTN Animation Expo in LA.  My fiend Zee Meyers was one of the animators on this nice animation piece …

Director of Paperman directed this animation short for Lyft … 

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John Kahrs the director of Disney Oscar winning short film Paperman creates this beautiful art directed piece for Lyft car service .  The design and animation is really nicely done.  About an Older lady gets her car crushed by accident by a truck and is picked up by a Lyft car to take her to go buy a new car because her daughter doesn’t have the time to take her and thats where the adventure begins …

The  NY Houdini Usergroup is now set.

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               For the last two to 3 weeks I along with Ben Mears and Christopher  Hebert of Sidefx software  got together to bring together the NY Houdini usergroup. Which sets to have our first meeting on Dec. 15th at the School Of Visual Arts in NYC.   

         The first presenters are both SVA Alumni and from Blue Sky Studios creators of Bunny , Robots and the Ice age franchise as well as Peanuts movie..  Our First presenter is Alex Frenklakh who is an FX TD currently working at Blue Sky using Houdini for his creations on various films at the company…  Our second presenter is another alumni from SVA Kevin Edzenga who is a Crowds TD at Blue Sky also using Houdini for his creations and also worked on various films at the studio..   So it will an alumni fest of artistry using Houdini as the tool of choice …  I have been tring to get this started over 10 years ago and it never saw the light of day till now….   I’m proud to have gotten the help of these guys along with John McIntosh Chair of the Computer Art , Computer Animation and Visual Effects Dept at the School of Visual Arts to be the venue …

      More meetings are being planned and hopefully this group will have a monthly meeting with great presentations from Fellow Houdini artists showing off their creations and    show they used Houdini to solve their production problems …  I wanted to make a statement with this one start it off with a bang …   Hopefully continue to bring more artists and students , friends and future users together to create a bigger market for this amazing tool..  Can’t wait …

Quick tutorial for Renderman for Houdini by Varomix 

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Varomix has done a cool quick tutorial on using the new Renderman 21 from Pixar render that just came out for Houdini .. Its has some pretty good tips …   

Great VFX breakdown from Rodeo FX for the movie Tarzan …

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Good article off of the Rodeo FX site for their vfx breakdown for the movie Legend of Tarzan …