Rise project HtoA from Igor Zanic …

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Here is nice use of Houdini and rendered in Arnold from FX TD Igor Zanic who has been doing fluids for some time now and keeps coming up with more great work… 

Follow the Rabbit by the Mill ..

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Pretty awesome looking Rabbit created by The Mill …

Houdini 16 Masterclass | Hair & Fur

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SideFX created a new Masterclass on Hair and Fur for the newly released Houdini 16 ….  

Oculus Story Studio // Houdini Connect.

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Oculus Studio showing how Houdini is being used.. 

SideFX GDC 2017 booth presentation: Volume to mesh workflows used in Battlefield.

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Andreas Glad’s GDC 2017 presentation from the SideFX booth… 

GDC2017 Technical Artist Bootcamp: Building an Offline Simulation Pipeline…

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Ben Laidlaw’s talk from GDC 2017 on pipeline building using Houdini..

New SideFX Houdini Games and VR Reel 2017.

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New SideFX  Houdini Games and VR customer reel 2017. In time for GDC.