George Jimenez is a 3D Visual Fx artist born in Queens NY to Colombian parents. He studied Animation | Graphic Design | Computer Art| 3D and Visual FX at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Being a fan of movies and movie magic he studied just about everything to movie making. Starting with Graphic Design and Photography in H.S. then going on to college studing film animation , stop motion. drawing , painting , photography, sculpture, Graphic Design, digital design , Advertising ,Cinematography , Anatomy, lighting , compositing, color theory, art history, 3D modeling ,animation rigging ,texturing and Dynamics .

     Then went on to go out west to the Academy of Art in San francisco, Ca.  Managed to study more anatomy, sculpture,and Houdini FX … Wanting to learn more of the procedural nature of Houdini he went to SideFX software to take Houdini Boot Camp a week long intensive on the gamit of Houdini. Now the Host of The New York Houdini usergroup ( NYHUG ) helping bring the New York community of cg artists awareness of the power of Houdini . The journey has been long always in progress the evloution of an artist is an ongoing thing.

     This blog was put together to put some of my thoughts and things I find interesting. As well as put some of the art work I’ve done it’s slowly coming together.  Still have to put up some of the CG that I’m working on works in progress and tests.  But for now please enjoy.. Sorry that I don’t post everyday… Thanks for stoping by..


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