NY Maya usergroup meeting last night ..

Steve mann hosted yet another interesting night of Maya features with Lee Fraser from Autodesk showing off a lot of the new improvements in Maya 2016 … Major changes were done in this release as far as modeling  ,Ui in maya 2016 : Export to unity and unreal Game exporter Copy and past functionality Visualization  modeling tool 16 pages  Of modeling in the help docs. remember place in VP Resizing  OpenSubdi Multithreaded streamlines Integrates  Mudbox scrape tool and twist options grab  Color manganment  Bifrost improved flip performance better capacity Xgen workflow Soft selection guide delete guilde with the viewport .XGD file format for XGEn. Nucleus. OpenGL 4 core profile   Visualizing metadata in VP2.0  ,gLSl shader support  Hold on object  Rule pxr2.4 Eval mode in viewport  Rendering. Vp2.0 , Lookdev node editor integration  Solo nodes attributes , Custom ui import docking  Aces 1.0 good stuff color management for play blast  New render pass / aov system based on mila shader  New object light New hyper shade and new ways to get stuff done only nodes that show up is for rendering 


~ by Cylibral on May 27, 2015.

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