NY Nuke users group turns into NY VFX users group ..

Last night CineSys Oceana hosted its first NY VFX users group meeting at its Eldridge St office .. The users group used to be known as the NY Nuke users group and they changed the name to get more involved with more visual effects as a whole then just Nuke. Though Nuke is the primary motif of the group they expanded it a bit to get more people involved. As they started off the night with a presentation from Molecule’s own Compositor Artur Elson presented techniques for stitching spherical material together into cycloramic maps for use in VFX, HDRI, etc. Using a software called PTgui pro using photos taken from his cell phone you can create great panoramas using this $100 software stitching them seamlessly. Pretty nice piece of software. For the first time at a usergroup meeting a presentation from BlueSky’s Diego Garzon Sr effects technical director showing some of his own research and development using various methods and problem solving using Houdini. Using older Siggraph papers based on autodesk’s Jos Stam’s fluids paper. Over a year of self research and creating techniques and methods created a nice solution using parametric closed surface and seamless geometry for fluids for any application weather it’s rivers and or anything else. It was great to see how he came came up with the solution ..
Then the foundry’s Jon Wadleton, NUKE Product Manager showed NUKE 9 some of the soft effects , speed improvements, defocus is now in all nuke products not just Nuke X better planar tracking as well as serious performance improvements with their node highlight system that tell you which nodes are faster and slowing you down. Jon also shared some exciting news of Nuke X going with a Non Commerical version with HD output in the coming year. Including as some more intergration with Modo and other products with the NUKE family including the new member NUKE STUDIO.
Thanks to CineSys-Oceana NY crew for the food drink and presentation … Hopefully the meetings will continue to be good as they go on …. For all the up to date info on Nuke studio check out the info on their site http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/nuke/studio/.


~ by Cylibral on November 19, 2014.

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