ADAPT Q&A At Siggraph Aug. 13 3:30pm

For those at Siggraph in Vancover this is a great event to get to familiarize your self with the struggle in Visual Effects community and hopefully be apart of the solution..

VFX Soldier

ADAPT will be having a Q&A panel about the organization and our legal effort on subsidies:

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Vancouver Convention Centre
East Building, Room 2

Scott Ross and I will be there. I’ll begin with giving some background about the issue and then we’ll open it up to everyone with any questions or comments. We welcome anyone to attend regardless of whether you are for or against the effort to end subsidies in the VFX industry.

A few issues: Siggraph won’t have any AV support for us so if someone is willing to record the event contact me: vfxsoldier at gmail dot com.

I’ve been trying to get Siggraph to open the panel up to allow anyone to attend for free. Right now the official word is that only people with exhibits plus, select conference, or full conference badge can attend.

According to…

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~ by Cylibral on August 12, 2014.

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