Voodoo Framework the heart of Rhythm & Hues animation and VFX to be presented at this years Siggraph 2014 in Vancover

Leave it to the guys over at FXguide to breakdown the tech and interview the creators and some of the people who have worked on this awesome framework for modern vfx known as Voodoo.. They have created a suite of tools for their needs in production from matchmoving , animation, rigging , modeling to lighting with their software Crom and their renderer Wren. Voodoo is a framework that can be used at different locations and by different artists all at the same time working on the same shot.. It has a lot of great tools for the creation of VFX . Running on Linux it’s core components consists of Rigging , animation , fur creation with grooming tools with animation and dynamics .
– crowds, including crowd rigging, manipulation and flexible body dynamics
– computer vision, including camera tracking, match moving, rig tracking and geometry reconstruction ,- matte painting and environment projections (via the studio’s 2.5D tool called Rampage). They are in the works for licensing it out so this might mean that Voodoo might be for sale in the near future .. At SIGGRAPH 2014, this coming week Rhythm & Hues will be presenting on Voodoo in the State of Animation Tools in the Industry panel. There’ll also be a talk by Rhythm both at DigiPro and SIGGRAPH on Voodoo deformer Delta Mush, which smooths arbitrary deformations applied to a polygonal mesh, without smoothing the original detail of the model.The following article is the full interview By Mike Seymour for FX Guide ..



~ by Cylibral on August 6, 2014.

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