Uk’s own MPC breathes life into.Godzilla.

VFX powerhouse MPC was the main vender on the Godzilla film. The amount of work that got put into bringing to life the enormous creature that just annihilates everything in it’s path.. Leaving a trail of destruction not seen before.. This massive reptilian creature stands at 350 ft and is pissed off and given that it just so happens to end up in San fransico and other locations the MPC team had to beef up their pipeline to bring director Gareth Edwards vision to life.. MPC VFX Supervisor Guillaume Rocheron and his team of artists and technicians were tasked to creating the complex creature as well as the environments it would react to .. In this article from Animation World Network gives full detail on some of the things that went into making the Godzilla film.


~ by Cylibral on May 20, 2014.

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