Why The Movie Industry owes a hell of alot to CGI animation is the title of an article written by Jason Krell from iO9 .

Jason Krell of IO 9 wrote a great article about how much the movie industry owes it’s box office numbers to CGI . For those who haven’t noticed in the last 25 yrs there has been a huge flux and inflation towards using CGI on just about all blockbusters to even some smaller movies.  Ever since the first use of CGI in movies from the Genesis effect  ” http://youtu.be/NM1r37zIBOQ ”  and that scene from Young Sherlock Holmes ” http://youtu.be/CT-qV41ovv4 ” all the way to 2014 blockbuster movies.  Without this part of Visual Fx there wouldn’t be any type of movies that are visual feasts they are today.  The artists and companies that employ them are the ones tasked with making the directors vision happen with out them most of the big blockbusters wouldn’t be able to be made for the money they had to make them or just impossible to create.  This article shows exactly how much weight is being put on these artists and their companies as well as their importance every day in the visual marvels they produce and have produced for along time.



~ by Cylibral on April 17, 2014.

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