Imageworks India Goes Down

Somy imageworks India to shutdown here is the story from VFX Solider…

VFX Soldier

One of the most controversial arguments made by this blog has been my routine skepticism of the commonly accepted narrative that VFX was “all going to India”. In fact when I started this blog, I was the only one in the VFX world that made the bold prediction over 3 years ago that VFX in India wouldn’t succeed. I fought like hell against people who said I was wrong and at times I wondered when I could officially say I was correct.

Today is that day as Variety’s David S. Cohen broke news that it was over:

Sony Pictures Imageworks will not renew its lease in Chennai, India when it expires in March. This facility made significant contributions to such productions as ‘MIB3′ and the upcoming ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ Imageworks is committed to its headquarters in Culver City and facility in Vancouver, BC.

Sad news for those…

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~ by Cylibral on February 6, 2014.

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