Solid Angle finally launches it’s site

Image created for Gravity by Framestore .

Arnold demo reel

Solid Angle creators of Arnold rendering software An advanced Monte Carlo raytracer, Arnold has been used as a primary production renderer by its co-developer, Sony Pictures Imageworks, for close to a decade, beginning with 2006′s Monster House. Have launched it’s fullblown site showing off their products for SoftImage , Maya both for a price of $1300 and soon to be released later this year Houdini plug-in with a restriction that u have to buy 5 licenses at a time . A nice product selection in pricing for Educational facilities as well.
A trial version has been released that will enable you to download and install the latest version of Arnold this trial version is functionally identical to the commercial version.
No credit card or payment is required for the trial.
The trial license lasts for 15 days. After the trial license expires you will still be able to use Arnold albeit with a watermark. Arnold is available for Windows , OSX and Linux . They also have a documentation section some training videos and much more check it out ..


~ by Cylibral on January 17, 2014.

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