Sidefx Labs | Houdini Engine

Sidefx software has once again revolutionized the industry with the creation of Sidefx labs using the new Houdini Engine which is an API that has the core technologies of Houdini built in.
By having this API u can create plug-ins for third party softwares for the creation to integrate Houdini into just about any FX pipeline senerio weather for film , Commerical and Games. The first of the softwares being Tested are Autodesk’s Maya and Unity game engine.
This new software puts the power of Houdini inside of Maya or Unity and soon more softwares via plug in. So u can create a digital Asset in Houdini save it out and import it via the plug-in into Maya and u have that assets attributes that u select which one u can manipulate to create your fx or animations and be able to animate or texture them and light and render in Maya.
Here is a video demonstrating how it works by Robert Magee of Sidefx software


~ by Cylibral on July 12, 2013.

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