The Foundry has been hard at work on Nuke 7

The Foundry is about to launch Nuke 7 today. There are some nice additions to Nuke adding more power and  flexibility to it for creating plug ins.

New RAM playback cache functionality,

Improved Roto performance recreating its Roto node the ability to combine multiple rotosplines with different topology real-time feedback due to the GPU enhancements.

Improved 2D Tracker ,

Improved SplineWarp tool,

Multiple 3D improvements the inclusion of Modo with all it’s modeling tools,

Primatte 5 ,

 Upgraded PositionToPoints tool ,

 Upgraded Relight tool ,

Improved DopeSheet and new TimeClip node ,

 New ZDefocus tool uses the GPU for more accurate and faster feedback,

 New Bookmark feature that lets an artist bookmark nodes,

Deep data & Alembic support and Open EXR 2.0 as well as FBX 2012 Support with new camera support for ARRIRAW.

For a complete list of the new features check out  the links below ……





~ by Cylibral on November 29, 2012.

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