Simon F A Russell creates The Creatures of Prometheus symphony by Beethoven within Houdini and it’s pretty awesome..

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Artist Simon F A Russell creates a audio visual representation of Beethoven’s The Creatures of Prometheus . The art piece is part of the exploring audio and visual using Houdini animation being driven by a midi file …

For more info here is his blog post explains how he created this piece ..


Main Road Post shows and discusses how they made the VFX on Attraction ..

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Russian VFX studio Main Road Post shows how they used houdini as its main visual effects package to create the films stunning visuals … An article from CG record is in the following link gives a Brief on what was used and a video showing the VFX breakdown that was created at Main Road Post using Houdini ..

Sidefx 2017 Demo Reel

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Sidefx has released its 2017 customer demo reel which has awesome shots from a wide range of film and commerical work….

Awesome ONEPlus 5 commerical… 

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  Awesome ONEPlus 5 commerical from SOMEI in Shanghi with Houdini fx work by Lewis Orton …. 

VES NY Masterclass with Brainstorm Digital VFX Supervisor / Author : Eran Dinur …

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VES NY Masterclass with Brainstorm Digital with VFX Supervisor / Author : Eran Dinur who just finishing his first book that gives Filmaker’s guide to to Visual Effects .. Invisible fx work being done in NY .. At SVA BFA Computer Art , Computer Animation & Visual Effects Dept…       Eran talking about his new book that helps Filmakers with understanding the process of Visual effects  and how to deal with them on set.. The Filmmaker’s Guide to Visual Effects: The Art and Techniques of VFX for Directors, Producers, Editors and Cinematographers    

SolidAngle new features for Arnold 5.

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SolidAngle creates new features reel for their 5th release of their powerful renderer. They have a lot of new components put in and very nice improvements …. 

Great spot out of Framestore for Client : Panasonic 4K tv’s.

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Framestore does it again this time for Client :  Panasonic showing the capabilities of their new 4K tv’s ….   They created some great visuals for this spot …