exa studios VFX breakdown..

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This was a pretty nice VFX breakdown from exa studios of a surfer climbing an enormous CG wave then surfing it nicely done ….


Storm Studios VFX breakdown from Black Panther

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Storm Studios created a VFX breakdown for their work on Marvels Black Panther film…

Solid Angle | Arnold 5.1

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Solid Angle | Arnold 5.1
— Read on www.solidangle.com/news/arnold-5-1/

Solid Angle Brings out their new version of Arnold rendering engine and a lot of new improvements …..

Drone by Bernd Kopf..

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Drone” is a film that explores the atmosphere that lies in the connection of music, sound design and visuals. This is his thesis project for his master of arts studies at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz (Germany). All sound and visuals were created by Bernd Kopf with a special workflow, that included working from picture to sound and from sound to picture until the final film.

No Signal Designed and Directed by Friendly Robot..

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The Visually stunning No Signal is an experimental title sequence that depicts an astronaut just like the one you probably dreamed to become when you were a child. This astronaut needs to maintain the link between him and his own reality, his memory and keeping him away from madness. These three keywords are at the core of my concept, they are represented through out the three parts of the title sequence.

Le Grand Saut by Aelis Ensergueix, Clara Obeidi, Claire Ducluzeau, Ismail Berrahma & Nicolas Lopez.

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A 30 second film, made in 4 weeks by Aelis Ensergueix, Clara Obeidi, Claire Ducluzeau, Ismail Berrahma & Nicolas Lopez.

Abraxas and Carbon Plumage workflow in Houdini …

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Technical summary of the Carbon Plumage workflow in Houdini for the german motion picture “Die kleine Hexe…